Water Project

Water is life. No good life without Clean Water

Children are the future of the world and when they are not provided with clean water it simply means we are killing the future. A child needs access to clean drinking water throughout the day to help maintain health and this is something missing in most countries in Africa.

And according to science when a child drinks plenty of water, she or he is also reaping several protective benefits.  This UaPro Water for All provides investment to the companies and entrepreneurs working hard to provide communities with clean water.

Our First Water Project in Kenya

When our founder Mr. Peter Deng commenced the work of United Africa for Progress, he quickly realized that one can’t united people who are thirsty ( lacking water to drink, lacking food to eat and lacking basic health care.) So, he launched the first water Project in Kenya which is currently being led by the Operations Manager Mr. Abdi Sharif. The borehole was dug in this part of the country with the help of the money borrowed from friends back in America.