Welcome Message

Thank you so much for your interest in United Africa for Progress, Inc. (UaPro) I Launched United Africa for Progress program on April 19th, 2018 in the belief that Africa is suffering from one disease known as “Lack of Unity.” Africans citizens are great people, deserving of love, unity, respect, and dignity like the citizens from the rest of the world. Africa and its citizens must not be subject to abuse and exploitation by our brothers from the western world or developed nations, as they are called. They shouldn’t be continued to be abused and exploit their own resources and left behind to suffer as if they are from the part of the earth that got no trees to provide shade. After attaining my highest level of education from the West, I came to learn that Africa continued to suffer because of the ongoing division that is promoted by the few greedy folks from the west and of course within Africa too.

Peter Deng

Africa is now affected by the curable disease which can only be cured by Africans who are ready to bring Africa back to be Africa. It is this dream that I realize Africa needs to be united first for progress to take place. It is this reason that UaPro focuses on ending division and promoting entrepreneurial development across the continent as well as training Africa future leaders. I have come to realize that the best way to address Africa’s problems is by ending division and creating everlasting unity and training citizens to be self-reliant instead of depending always on the UN and many other western organizations that create no lasting solution to Africa problems. I believe that Africa can amicably address all the problems if its citizens are united and this is where UaPro comes in to close the gap that traditional international NGOs are not there to close because it is the business for them. I know to successfully Unite Africa is going to take years of smart work and a lot of training to be able to stop greedy people who benefited from the division and bloodshed in Africa. It is not an easy fight, there are so many obstacles on the left and right, but I am ready to face those obstacles for the benefit of the children of Africa. I am ready to tackle this task, but I still need you despite my hard work, there is a lot of work that needs to be done here that needs you and me to do something together to unite Africa. I am calling upon all the caring individuals in Africa, the USA and around the world to join and United Africa for Progress.

The UaPro team and I are committed to improving lives, ending division and promoting entrepreneurial development in Africa so that citizens can realize their long-lost dreams and start to enjoy the fruit of their continent. In collaboration with individuals like you, our non-profit partners, corporations’ partners, foundations partners, and the academic partners, we make every possible effort to unite Africa and provide the citizens with access to business training, seed funding to start small successful businesses, UaPro educational fund, and entrepreneurial program so everyone can have a chance to reach his or her potential. We also raise funds to provide funding for UaPro Water Project and healthcare, all these are provided in an entrepreneurial approach to move Africa forward. It is my belief that Africa has enough resources to feed its citizens, but lack of unity gives outsiders a chance to exploit the continent and make Africans live from hand to mouth. This must change and I am calling on you to join me to bring the desperately needed change.

If you join me today, we together will be able to bring our creativity, experience, skills, and talents and our spirit together to help unite Africa for a bright future. The UaPro team and I kindly seek your support to help us end division and promote entrepreneurial development in Africa through training and start-up seed funds to help fund the women and young men entrepreneurs. 

Thank you for your generosity of spirit and welcome onboard.

Peter Deng, MSA, MBA