African Women Right

African women and girls continued to suffer despite the great work being done by the global women’s rights organizations for a very long period of time. Women and girls in Africa are still married as children and experiencing domestic violence almost across the continent on daily basis.

Women and girls are refused access to education and political participation, and some are trapped in conflicts where they are forced to marry at the wrong time. According to many types of research done by some of the very well know organizations, it pointed out the high deaths among women in developing countries is related to childbirth. This happens to a lot of young girls who were forced to marry while still very young. Women and girls on the other hand, in most African countries, are prevented from making personal choices in their private lives.

Without women rights well incorporated in a very sector in Africa, nothing can successfully move forward. UAPRO is working hard toward women’s empowerment, gender equality, the same protection and equal pay. UAPRO work to protect the rights of women and girls and improve lives of these women and girls across the Africa continent. 

Next Steps

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