Our Mission

UAPRO- United Africa for Progress, Inc. mission is to work with Africans and the caring individuals around the world to unite Africa, end division and promote African entrepreneurship.


Neither the western international NGOs that come to Africa with hidden political agenda nor the western businesses can change the lives for better in Africa but UaPro can and Africans can. UaPro is an organization run by Africans with only one mission and vision to united Africa and promote entrepreneurial development and business enterprises solely owned by Africans. Provides leadership training in combination with entrepreneurial & business to help African people address their own problems without the involvement of the outsiders. Our vision is a world where Africa is free from outsiders, free from greedy Africans and where everyone is given the opportunity to thrive.

Our Values

We will persistently develop better ways of doing the things we do. We will not rest on our accomplishments but will rather build on them in our personal & professional journey to be the best we can be and set new standards in the nonprofit world.

Our approach

We are creating a generation of leaders who clearly understand what it takes to move the country forward, so each citizen has a chance to thrive. Our Entrepreneurial and business development program is an aggressive three months’ program that gets young entrepreneurs and potential businessmen and businesswomen to get ready and face the world. Training entrepreneurs and businessmen who are ready to change their communities by ending division within their communities and promote entrepreneurial development.