Investing in Women

We know that from different sources of study, no country can become successful if his women are left behind to suffer and not give opportunities to join the business world. Behind a successful man, there is always a great woman behind making magical things happen

Training of Entrepreneurs

The charity and aid contribute to the Africa countries aren’t enough to tackle the challenges faced by almost 80% of the population across the continent. UaPro capital is a capital effectively use to close the gap between traditional social based approaches that yield no fruits and world market-based approaches that only favor the ones with resources.

Giving Money to Buy Food

Giving people in Africa money to buy food for the family is a good gesture because it helps at that short period. But it doesn’t create just sustainability for the society. All that it does is creating more vulnerability to the people. It, in fact, contributes to the creation of a cycle of poverty and division among the communities that received charity donation that has no instruction on ways to use it.