Learn more about Peter G Deng and United Africa for Progress, Inc.  Learn how Peter Deng is fighting not colonizers but the greedy Africans who are in the pockets of their Western counterparts and do not want to see Africa unite. “Unity of Africa is a bad bombshell to the Western World development. That is why they do not want Africa as a continent to unite. But Africa MUST unite to move forward.” Peter G Deng

  • Emergency Relief


    On August 18th Supported Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc. in launching Bortown Emergency Flood Relief

  • Help Young Entrepreurs


    Youth Entrepreneurial training was carried out in Kampala, Uganda and in Juba South Sudan. A $7,000 donation received from the founder, Peter Deng was distributed to young entrepreneurs in Northern Uganda and Eastern/Western Equatorial South Sudan.

  • Give Back


    On April 19th, the United Africa for Progress, Inc. was incorporated and was first funded by the founder Peter Deng, MSA, MBA and Peter Deng Express, Ltd and Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc.

  • Dream Realized


    On January 10th, 2010 while pursuing my bachelor at Champlain College, in Burlington Vermont USA. I launched the Deng Opportunities Foundation, Inc with an aim to provide scholarships to orphaned children in South Sudan.  The foundation became so successful with the support from Champlain College, Ernie Pomerleau, Harrison Heyl, And Eileen Growled Family (the Rockefeller family) in Vermont.    

  • Migrated to the USA


    My dream of coming to the land of opportunities has come true. I said a few good words of goodbye to my friends and off course to enemies. I immigrated to the United States of America. In the USA, I studied and discovered the true story behind the Africa crisis, poverty, and what led to the lack of unity in the continent.   I promised myself that I must do something about Africa and the orphaned children of Jonglei State of South Sudan. 

  • Change Maker was Born


    I was born in South Sudan to a small sub-clan called Penn located in the Jonglei State. I lost my both parents at age of five and being an orphan child in South Sudan is not something good particularly in the Dinka tribe of South Sudan. It is something seen as a burden to society, however, I was determined to endure the horrifying mistreatment that I went through in the hands of cruel relatives. I was determined that I will one day bring the desired change to Africa.