For some many decades Africans people have been thinking of White Man as the problem to Africa's progress. I get that. Today there are still some Africans who think that white man is the problem to Africa development and he is the cause to all the problems Africa is now facing. I also get that.

Now let's be real and let the truth be told that white man is not the problem to the problems facing Africa. Let me be very honest here. I am an African 100%. In another word you can call me Pan Africanist. We Africans, we are the problem to our own problems. We are the cause of all the problems Africa is now facing. I will break this down in a few questions for the readers to clearly understand who is the cause of all the problems Africa is now facing.


Who first sold black people to the white man? The answer is simple. Our traditional leaders did. Who allowed the white man and Chinese to settle in Africa? The answer is once again simple. Our African leaders did. Who allowed greedy foreigners businessmen to control big industries in Africa? The answer is once again very simple. Our leaders did.

With the above mentioned questions, I hope you understand the person behind the Africa struggle. Since we know our own leaders and greedy citizens who are in the channel of powers are the problem. Why keep blaming the innocent white man for the something our own leaders did? Why? The enemy to our progress is within us and we Africans will never have peace of mind in our own continent until we get rid of the enemies within us. The enemy within us is the cause of all the problems we are having. You, the one reading this article, are the problem to your progress and your brother's progress. Nothing is going to change until we accept the reality and change. Get it right into your head that it is not the white man making us Africans continue to struggle. It is our own brothers and sisters. We have brothers within who have sold the continent out with pennies. We have sisters within who have sold our continent with pennies. Let think for a minute and leave the innocent white man alone for he is not the cause here.

Young African politicians are dying at high numbers every year in Africa, Is it the white man killing them? Innocent citizens losing their lives everyday in every Africa country, is that the white man killing them? Absolutely not. Our own black African brothers and sisters are the ones killing their own brothers and sisters and blaming the white man for it. Of course I am not completely saying that white man is 100% innocent, they are now part of the problem and have become good at fueling the problem in hand. But the question again comes back to who first allowed the white man to influence or define what Africans shouldn't or should?

It is time for Africans to think twice before opening their mouths or start writing on social media. Let's be honest to ourselves so that we can solve our own problems without blaming other innocent people. The first thing Africa needs to do right now is to come together, unite and work as one if really want the progress and move forward.

White man is the not the cause of all that is opening now in Africa.

This Article was written by Peter Deng, the founder of United Africa for Progress, Inc. Thanks for reading